Business - 9. 9. 2020

Let´s get back to school…games!

Schools are sometimes opened, then closed and on and on again. It is pretty frustrating for adults already. Imagine, how the kids might feel, if they are under never ending insecurity what is the next week going to look like. Some of them are even so aware, that they might not have the same chances as the other pupils had years before them.

Let´s be honest, the gap in education will not be filled that easily. Kids themselves will not start to home-educate. And with online education in that early age, it might be really big problem in future.


Anyway, we want our children to be as much mentally stable as possible. The key to the stability of mental and physical side is, to release their stress and keep them occupied. We have got a great solution for their free time activity. School laser game is exactly what kids are missing nowadays. They can either challenge their schoolmates or this can be also organised by school coordinators. Children tend to play a video games, which can be good for language education, but also bad for reality awareness and it takes so much of their time. But if you make the game in real life, they have to think strategically to survive and they get to have some physical activity too. At the same time the frustration of nowadays restriction might go off and they will feel their endorphins taking over again. Plus, they get to see their friends and reunite for a game. I can see only advantages here.


For the school staff, this is a great opportunity to reward the children. On top of it, if you make it a school activity, school staff can join them and there can be some team building in school hierarchy, which is never bad idea. Children must feel the authority teachers represent, but they also should feel, that teachers are just humans and they can go to them if they have a problem. By the end of the day, there are three most important institutions, that form children – family, school, and work.

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